Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a $1 booking fee for the tour?
There are a few reasons we typically charge a dollar to reserve a spot on our walking tours:

    First, as a local tour company, we are obliged to pay the city government one dollar per person on all tours (See Article T, Section 3).
    Second, we are also limited by city regulation to 30 persons per tour (See Article R, Section 6-1549). And while it’s very rare that our tours are fully booked, a small fee ensures that we can completely guarantee a spot on the tour for those who do make a reservation.

    And finally, for any guests who still have concerns about our automated booking process, please call us at (843) 868-1554. You can leave us a short message anytime and a live representative will soon return your call to help you reserve a spot for any upcoming tour.

Where should I park my car?
Choosing where to park downtown can often be a challenge, but here are some helpful tips: 

Around many squares you'll find meters for street parking. Some meters accept credit cards, but some only accept coins. In some areas during certain hours metered spots are free. Find more info about that here. Meters are scarce near major hubs like River St, Broughton St, and City Market, however, so many visitors prefer to park in larger garages. Here is a map of Savannah's public garages.

Are there bathroom breaks on the tour?
There are typically no bathroom breaks on the tour, so we recommend visiting the restroom before meeting your guide. But of course, in individual cases feel free to ask about the nearest facilities and your guide will point you in the right direction. Also, for reference, here is a map of Savannah's public restrooms.

What if it rains?
In the case of light rain tours will proceed as scheduled, but when severe and potentially dangerous weather such as strong thunderstorms or hurricanes are forecast tours may be cancelled. In that case, all reservation fees will of course be refunded.

Can I bring my dog?
Tourists are welcome to bring their dogs on the tour. We simply remind tourists with dogs to be considerate of others in the group and ask that they observe local ordinances requiring that dogs wear leashes and that their owners clean up after them.